May 18, 2023

Workshop paper: Korea in Japan

Rebekah Clements will present a paper, “Korea in Japan,” at the Contributor Workshop: Routledge Handbook of Early Modern Korea, to be held May 19-20, 2023 at the University of Nevada, Reno, and online.  This international workshop brings together scholars from eleven countries to discuss their chapters for the Routledge Handbook of Early Modern Korea, edited by Eugene Y. Park. Featuring twenty-two topical chapters, this volume surveys various aspects of Korea from 1392 to 1873. Each chapter will present its author’s understanding of a particular subject and engage with existing scholarship in ways accessible to a broader readership.

This is a hybrid event, and all sessions will be open to the public. For attendance via Zoom, pre-registration is required. For further information click here.

“Korea in Japan,” abstract:

From the importation of written texts during the fifth century to the popularity of K-drama in the twentieth, the states of the Korean peninsula and the Japanese archipelago has maintained more than two millennia of contact. This chapter considers what “Korea” (or its early-modern Japanese approximations, “Chōsen” and “Kōrai”) meant in Japan between the fourteenth and the nineteenth centuries. Korea as such received attention in various areas of Japanese cultural life, from art, to philosophy, and literature, and among different polities across the Japanese archipelago from urbanites in Edo to regional towns and coastal communities. The means by which people in Japan learned of Korea were similarly diverse, including material objects such as ceramics, books, and paintings, as well as word of mouth, diplomatic encounters, and war.