Predoctoral researcher at the Autonomous University of Barcelona

Baihui Duan received her master’s degree from the Academy of Korean Studies in 2018. Her previous research focused on the everyday life of the late Chosŏn period as observed in English literature. For her PhD, Baihui is turning to the question of everyday life in wartime, in particular the Imjin War and its aftermath. Her research centers on the question of how wars impacted the environment and humans in the mid to late Chosŏn period. She recently presented a paper, “War Epidemics: Environmental Reactions to Humans, 1592-1637” at the 15th International Conference on the History of Science in East Asia (2019 ICHSEA), which examined the effects of environmental damage on animal and human epidemics. Her research on epidemics in the aftermath of the Imjin war draws upon the history of the environment and the history of medicine.

Baihui is supervised by Dr James Lewis at the University of Oxford and Prof. Rebekah Clements at the Autonomous University of Barcelona.