Postdoctoral researcher at the Autonomous University of Barcelona

Dr Sangwoo Han is a historian of Chosŏn dynasty Korea (1392-1897), specializing in the study of household registers and genealogies. He was previously a Postdoctoral Research Fellow at Sungkyunkwan University, Korea working on the project “Computerizing of Household Registers of Daegu, 17-19th centuries,” and was a guest Researcher at Radboud University, Nijmegen, Department of History, working on the research project, “Study of the family on genealogical data of the opposite ends of Eurasia.” His publications include:  Han, Sangu (Han, Sangwoo). “Kyehutŭnglok kwa chokpo ŭi pikyolŭl t’onghae pon Chosŏn huki iphu ŭi t’ŭkching.” Komunsŏ yŏn’gu 51 (2017): 189-214; and Park, Heejin, Sangwoo Han & Bongoh Kye. 2018. “Changes in child mortality in Korea during the mid-twentieth century: gender, birth order and sibling composition.” The History of the Family. Volume 23 (2018): 594-622.

On the Aftermath project, Sangwoo is investigating the process of (re) building the Neo-Confucian order in Korean society, together with demographic changes and immigration after the Japanese and Manchu invasions.