Assistant Professor, Ajou University

Funded by European Research Council Starting Grant (AFTERMATH 758347): 2019-2021.

Dr Sangwoo Han is a historian of Chosŏn dynasty Korea (1392-1897), specializing in the study of household registers and genealogies. From 2019-2021 he was a postdoctoral researcher on the Aftermath project, and is currently an Assistant Professor at Ajou University, Korea.  On the Aftermath project, Sangwoo  investigated the process of (re) building the Neo-Confucian order in Korean society, together with demographic changes and immigration after the Japanese and Manchu invasions. His publications include:

Sangwoo Han, “The marriage market for immigrant families in Chosŏn Korea after the Imjin War: women, integration, and cultural capital”, International Journal of Asian Studies, 22nd January 2021;

Donggue Lee and Sangwoo Han, “Families in the Household Registers of Seventeenth-Century Korea: Capital, Urban and Rural Areas”, European Journal of Korean Studies, vol.20, no.1 (2020), pp.1-34; and

Sangwoo Han, “The Historical Background of the Popularity of Genealogies in Korea”, Journal of Family History. First Published June 1, 2020.