Postdoctoral Researcher at the Autonomous University of Barcelona

Dr Maria Grazia Petrucci obtained her doctoral degree at the University of British Columbia, Department of History in 2017. She specializes in Sino-Japanese maritime history, focusing on 16th century Japanese piracy, encompassing daimyo and government policies and local piratical clans in Kyushu. Previously, from 2010-2011 she held a Japan Foundation Fellowship at Kyushu University, where she worked on Japanese Christian samurais, the silver trade and its effects on piracy during the Sengoku period. On the Aftermath project, Maria is investigating the environmental and social effects of the Imjin War, with a focus on timber for ship-building, its depletion, and the effects on maritime communities in and around the island of Kyushu.

Her publications include:

Maria Petrucci, “Caught Between Piracy and Trade: The Shimazu of Southern Japan at the onset of the new Tokugawa Regime, 1599-1630” in Beyond the Silk Road, Eds. Robert Anthony and Angela Schottenhammer, Maritime Asia Series, Vol 14, (Verlag-Harrassowitz, 2017), pp. 99-114; and

Maria Petrucci, “The Corsairs of Northern Kyushu” Journal of Northeast Asian History. Northeast Asian History Foundation.Vol. 10 n. 1 (summer 2013) pp 67-95.