September 13, 2019

Dr. Marshall Craig joins Aftermath as a Visiting Researcher

The Aftermath project will receive its first visiting scholar when Dr Marshall Craig joins the project in 2019-2020 as a Korea Foundation post-doctoral fellow. Marshall Craig is a scholar of Chinese, Korean, and Japanese history and language.  His research looks at the East Asian War of 1592-1598 through the lenses of contemporary personal accounts.  Encompassing the diverse classical Chinese and Japanese sources which survive across the region, his research focuses particularly on Chinese, Korean, and Japanese identities and their relationship with how people understood the war.  His forthcoming book, China, Korea, and Japan at War, 1592-1598: Eyewitness Accounts (exp. 2020, Routledge) weaves personal stories into an original account of the war and what it meant for those who lived through it.

Marshall received his doctorate from the University of Oxford.  He has taught history, language and translation and at the University of Oxford and SOAS, University of London, and served as a senior policy advisor to the UK and Scottish governments.