April 23, 2020

Database launch

The Aftermath project has launched a new tool for East Asian historians. The Database of Research on the Imjin War brings together bibliographic information on modern books, articles, and dissertations relating to the Imjin War (Toyotomi Hideyoshi’s Invasions of Korea), and makes that information available to scholars in one easily searchable location.  Our hope is that this multilingual database will help scholars from diverse backgrounds keep abreast of the latest developments in research or become familiar with what has already been written on this important topic.

So far we have over 350 entries in nine languages. The range of subjects is as broad as possible in order to reflect the wide-reaching effects of the war. Subjects include captives, ceramics, Christianity, international relations, economy, environment, Europeans, identity, literature, military history, migration, social history, and trade.

Work on the database is ongoing.  If you would like to suggest an entry, please contact Dr Barend Noordam: barend.noordam@uab.cat