April 14, 2019

Art and War: The Japanese Invasions of Korea of 1592-1598

Rebekah Clements, Principle Investigator of the Aftermath project, chaired a panel, “Art and War: The Japanese Invasions of Korea of 1592-1598” at The Association of Korean Studies in Europe Conference in Rome, 11th-14th of April, 2019. The panel explored depictions of the Imjin War in Japanese, Chinese, and Korean art, with papers by Marsha Haufler, Professor Emerita of Art History at the University of Kansas, Sooa McCormick of the Cleveland Museum of Art, Yoonjeong Seo, Assistant Professor at Myongji University, and Ji Young Park, postdoctoral researcher at the Technical University of Berlin. The conference program may be viewed here.

Image credit: Siege of Pyongyang (detail), Courtesy of National Museum of Korea.