September 8, 2021

Conference panel: Conflict, War and the Environment in East Asia

Aftermath PhD student, Ms Baihui Duan, convened a panel “Conflict, War and the Environment in
East Asia: A Long-term Observation from Premodern to Modern” at the The Sixth Biennial Conference of East Asian Environmental History (EAEH 2021), hosted online by Kyoto University. The panel took place on Sep.8, between 13:30-15:00 and featured the following panelists and papers:

Discussant: Victor Shmagin, Colby College.

Presenter 1: “Destruction to Construction: Samurai Armies’ Impact upon the Landscape in Late Medieval
Central Japan.” Elijah Bender, Concordia College.

Presenter 2: “War and resources: Conflicts over timber on Kǒje Island during the Imjin War(1592-1598).” Baihui Duan, Autonomous University of Barcelona.

Presenter 3: “Forest Conflicts and Lawsuits in Modern Northeast China (1907-1932).” Xiang Chi, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences.